Support KNXT

Support KNXT

In commercial TV, it is called advertising.
In the world of non-profit, public-benefit TV, it is known as underwriting...

 Companies, businesses, unions, individuals and organizations contribute to bring the programs on KNXT-TV Channel 49/38 into homes throughout the Central San Joaquin Valley, from Merced to Bakersfield. In recognition of your support, you receive on-air credits and acknowledgement in our publications and on our  website.

Underwriters may choose to associate with a specific program, or you may choose recognition during morning, afternoon or evening segments in specific areas of interest:

  • Religion, Faith & Values
  • Children
  • News & Information
  • Classic Arts
  • Local Topics

 Why Underwrite?

KNXT-TV offers a unique opportunity to demonstrate that you are committed to quality and excellence in broadcasting.  Nearly 85% of consumers believe that such higher-purpose, cause-related marketing creates a positive image for sponsors – and they are more likely to buy a product or service from an underwriter.

Underwriters’ messages are credible and memorable.  They also have a greater impact than advertising with the low-clutter environment found on KNXT-TV.  KNXT-TV’s dignified approach is appreciated and respected by its viewers.


Strengthen your ties to the community and increase your marketing effectiveness in ways that commercial broadcasters or the cable network cannot offer.

On KNXT, underwriters do much more than buy spots, they build a caring relationship with the community they serve.