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Underwriting Opportunities

Underwriting spots are available during prime time programming (6-10 PM); rotational spots which may air anytime between 9 AM and 5 PM weekdays and 9 AM to 10 PM
weekends; or one-time, specialty programs of interest nationally and internationally. (Example: LIVE coverage of the Pope’s travels)

Messages are 15 seconds long.  The underwriter should provide the finished spot on a DVD.   The creative and production services of KNXT-TV may be used to create the
message and spot, however there is an additional fee for this service.

Payment may be made with check or credit card upon the signing of the underwriting agreement.  A monthly payment schedule is available.  However we do not send monthly
invoices, requiring the client to maintain a current monthly payment plan.  Returning clients receive a 10% discount when the account is paid in full at the beginning of the agreement.

All one year contracts will be eligible for promotion on our new website for an additional 5% cost of the contract.  The KNXT-TV web master will work with the client to deisgn the
promotion.  It will remain on the website for the duration of the agreement.  The size and placement on the web site will be directly related to the frequency and cost of the client’s
underwriting material.

A two-week lead-time is required before airdate begins.  Prices may be subject to change. Special feature sponsorships are available and negotiable.  KNXT-TV reserves the right to
change the spot time if circumstances are warranted.  In the case of a programming change the client will be notified, a good spot will be aired, and the contracted spot will return to its
original place after the interruption is over.

Options # of Spots Cost/Spot Weekly Cost Annual Cost
1. Prime Time 7 per week/1 yr $6.50 $45.40 $2366.00
2. Rotating 7 per week/1 yr $5.50 $38.50 $2002.00
3. Prime Time 5 per week/1 yr $7.00 $35.00 $1820.00
4. Rotating 5 per week/1 yr $6.25 $31.25 $1625.00
5. Prime Time 1 per week/1 yr $8.45 $8.45 $439.40
6. Rotating 1 per week/1 yr $6.30 $6.30 $327.60