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Donkey Ollie, Boat Angel, Car Angel

Donkey Ollie

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The Adventures of Doney Ollie covers several years and takes him all over the Roman Empire where he's rescued from lions, shipwrecks, kidnappings and along the way he makes some great friends and really witnesses that God is always faithful and always answers prayers though not always in the ways we expect Him to.

Donkey Ollie is a musical 13 episodes long series funded by your car donations that follows a Donkey named Ollie through Jesus' time as he meets new characters and learns many valuable lessons along the way. like Veggie Tales, Donkey Ollie is animated with incredible graphics, songs and morals in a way that draws in audiences of every age. Created in the same studios that do projects for Disney, Sony, and Mattel, with the same crew that gave you Claymation Christmas it could only have turned out to be something impressive.

The Adventures of Donkey Ollie  have been paid for by Boat Angel Outreach Center
boat donations and car donations from viewers like you.