Hello, I’m Lisa Hendey for KNXT On the Spot.

Here in the Valley, the longer days and warmer weather have many of us wondering how to keep our families faithful but also busy during the long days of summer. We at KNXT thought we’d share a few ideas for living out your faith in your home.

Vacation Bible Schools and Camps – Many of our parishes offer great summer programs that are faith-filled, fun and incredibly affordable. Younger kids have the chance to play, sing, pray and meet new friends. Older students can gain valuable volunteer experience by serving as camp counselors or teachers. Check your bulletin, but also look at other parishes in the Diocese that are just waiting to welcome your family.

Take it outside – Did you know that many plants and flowers are named in honor of Mary and the saints? Why not grow a family garden this summer as a prayer place in honor of our Blessed Mother or your favorite saint? Get outside, get some exercise, and get inspired!

Enjoy a pilgrimage – You don’t have to travel overseas to discover an inspiring new sacred space. Here in the diocese and within a few hours drive, we have shrines, missions and beautiful parishes. Plan a faith-based staycation or just visit a parish you’ve never seen before to turn any Sunday into a pilgrimage with your family.

Do you have ideas for living out your faith this summer? Tell us about it at our KNXT Facebook page. See you next time!


Hello, I’m Lisa Hendey for KNXT On the Spot.


We living here in the Diocese of Fresno are well aware that California is facing a serious water shortage. According to the City of Fresno, for the second consecutive year, the Central Valley is experiencing widespread drought-like conditions. In fact, we’re situated in the middle of an “exceptional” drought region.

At our home, my husband and I have been reassessing our landscaping and our water usage in general, with an eye towards conservation. This made me wonder: what does the Church have to say about the precious gift of water?

We all know that clean drinking water is a basic necessity of life. But worldwide, over a billion people lack access to it. Catholic organizations like Catholic Relief Services are working to provide access to clean water and sanitation to people around the world.

Recently, on World Water Day, Pope Francis encouraged the international community to make sure the planet’s water is adequately protected and no one is excluded or discriminated against. Our Holy Father said, “The future of humanity depends on our ability to safeguard and share clean water.”

Here in the Valley we can contribute to water conservation by taking basic measures such as limiting outdoor irrigation and shortening our showers. But let’s also remember to pray and provide stewardship for the many families around our world who lack even clean drinking water.

I’m Lisa Hendey. I’ll see you next time on KNXT on the Spot


Hello, I’m Jim Grant for KNXT On the Spot.

On my blog today, I'd thought I'd tell you something about whats going on the Diocese of Fresno because of Pope Francis.

Now everyone has heard of the Joy of the Gospel, most of you have heard of the Year of Mercy that is going to be starting on December 8th coming up this year.

But not all of you are probably knowing that there is an effort of the Diocese to not confuse all the things that Pope Francis is offering us, but to give them some sort of order, some sort of precision. And that's why we went to Phildelphia, four of us, last week. We came back with a plan, with a program, with a package that we are hoping to share with you over the summer.If you're interested in finding how the Joy of the Gospel could not just be a document, but could be something that you start living daily in your parish life. If you find there's something that you would like to be engaged with, please give us a call. KNXT is hoping to be giving you these blogs daily, so you can share with us your thoughts about what's going on in the Diocese beginning with your local parish. The way to call us is on the phone (559) 488-7440 or to reach us at our email address jgrant@dioceseoffresno.org. I look forward to hearing from you soon, until next blog, God Bless!