About KNXT

KNXT-TV Leadership

KNXT Channel 49/38 is owned and operated by the Education Corporation of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Fresno. Bishop Armando X. Ochoa, D.D. has asserted strong support for this special ministry. As the station grew in technical capacity, programs and viewership, Bishop Ochoa recognized the importance of creating a leadership team that would advise, advocate and work to secure sufficient resources to ensure operational stability and technical upgrades required to maintain a full power TV station. The Board of Directors was created in 2005 to fulfill this mission. The Board of Directors of KNXT Channel 49/38 provides a valuable service by advising KNXT's General Manager and the Diocesan Chancellor regarding the mission, operation, budget of KNXT-TV and by assisting in raising funds for the station. Although this board has no legal liability, each member is an advocate who accepts the responsibility to be an active ambassador in the community for KNXT. A strong non-for-profit organization has a diverse, skilled, committed and democratically elected board of directors. This body is a valued group of volunteers who play a variety of roles. The board maintains the organization’s focus on mission and monitors program and financial performance. The board’s committees handle project development, budget reviews, fundraising strategies, and board recruitment. Individual board members are a nonprofit’s most valuable ambassadors, expanding the network of friends and supporters and promoting the organization at every opportunity.