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MO, May 25, 12:00 Noon—Memorial Day Mass
w/Bishop Brennan

MO, May 25, 7:00P—Memorial Day Mass
w/Bishop Brennan

MO, May 25, 8:30P—Holy Spirit Mass

MO, May 25, 9:30P—CTV Daily Mass

This is the list of Devotional Programming to be
posted in response to Covid-19/Coronavirus
public gathering restrictions…

Sunday, 5:00A—La Santa Misa
Sunday, 7:00A—Notre Dame Sunday Mass
Sunday, 10:00A—Holy Spirit Mass (Live)
Sunday-Saturday, 12:00P—Casa Santa Marta
Mass w/Pope Francis
Sunday, 1:00P—Mass from San Fernando
Cathedral, San Antonio
Sunday, 7:30P—Eucaristia Dominical
Sunday-Friday,  8:30P—CTV Daily Mass
Monday-Friday,  9:00A—CTV Daily Mass
Monday-Friday,  7:00P—CTV Daily Mass
Saturday, 9:00A—NCBC Daily Mass
Saturday, 7:00P—NCBC Daily Mass
Saturday, 8:30P—National Shrine Mass

Sunday-Saturday, 12:00A
Sunday, 6:30A
Sunday-Saturday, 6:30P
Monday-Saturday, 9:30A

Novena Del Perpetuo Socorro:
Sunday, 5:30A
Sunday, 4:00P
Tuesday, 2:00A
Tuesday, 10:00P

Perpetual Help Novena:
Sunday, 6:00P
Monday, 3:30A
Tuesday, 12:30A
Wednesday, 8:00P
Thursday, 10:00A
Friday, 12:30A

Morning Divine Office:
Sunday-Saturday, 6:00A

Evening Divine Office:
Sunday-Saturday, 4:30P

Compline Night Prayer:
Sunday-Saturday, 9:00P

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KNXT Special Presentation: Tajci performing Dec. 13 at 8:30 pm and Dec 14 at 8:00 pm

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